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The Two Sides of Awards and Recognition: How to be Mindful in Giving and Receiving

Imagining Award

In today's competitive environment, awards and recognition have become integral components of motivation. Whether in the workplace, academic settings, or various industries, the gesture of giving and receiving recognition carries weighty importance. However, there is nothing that exists that has only one side. Awards or recognition, meant to be positive, can sometimes lead to negative competition among team members. While the intention behind award is often to inspire and acknowledge excellence, the unintended consequences can lead to a toxic workplace culture that undermines collaboration and teamwork.

Leveraging more than 12 years of industry experience, with 6 years in management, I have closely observed this phenomenon. In this blog, we will explore nuanced aspects of awards and recognition, as well as mindful approaches to giving and receiving them.

Nuanced Aspects of Awards and Recognition

Upside of Recognition:

Positive side of Award
  1. Receiving acknowledgment for one's efforts acts as a powerful spirit lifter. Knowing that your hard work is seen and appreciated can significantly boost motivation and dedication.

  2. Recognition of achievements contributes to a positive and supportive atmosphere, encouraging a culture of appreciation and teamwork where individuals are inclined to support one another.

  3. Recognition serves as a medium for improved performance. Witnessing the positive outcomes of hard work encourages individuals and teams to continue striving for excellence.

Downside of Recognition:

Negative side of Award
  1. Excessive focus on awards may encourage unhealthy competition, where individuals or teams compete for recognition, impacting collaboration and teamwork negatively.

  2. Challenges arise when certain individuals or teams consistently receive recognition, leaving others feeling unnoticed. This can lead to dissatisfaction and dampen overall morale.

  3. Offering acknowledgment without genuine appreciation diminishes the value of recognition. It's crucial that acknowledgment is sincere and truly deserved.

Mindful Approaches in giving and Receiving Awards or Recognition:

Mindful Approaches to Giving Awards or Recognitions:

  1. Ensure that you maintain control over your emotional intelligence, as it plays a crucial role here. It's a significant topic that can be covered separately if needed or requested.

  2. Make sure to acknowledge contributions from different roles and departments, to create a feeling of fairness and equality.

  3. Acknowledge with constructive feedback, spotlighting specific contributions. This helps individuals and teams grasp the impact of their efforts.

  4. Acknowledge the collective efforts of teams rather than focusing solely on individual contributions.

  5. Create an atmosphere to encourage regular appreciation through informal approaches like team meetings or peer recognition.

  6. Promote an open culture where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas and contributing to the team's success. Help the team achieve the recognition they deserve.

There are two things people want more than money: recognition and praise. - Mary Kay

Mindful Approaches to Receiving Awards or Recognitions:

  1. When someone acknowledges you, express genuine gratitude.

  2. Take time to reflect on the contributions that led to the acknowledgment, this will encourage self-awareness and continuous improvement.

  3. Make sure that the recognition does not inflate your ego, it's equally important to stay humble and extend appreciation to those who have contributed to your success. Remember that success is often a result of teamwork.

  4. Rather than resting on your recognition, see acknowledgment as motivation to continue learning, growing and contributing.

Don't work for recognition but do work worthy of recognition. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Approaching recognition with mindfulness has the potential to inspire, motivate, and grow a positive environment. Both givers and receivers play pivotal roles in maintaining this delicate balance. Through embracing inclusivity, authenticity, and humility, we can ensure that the acknowledgment we give and receive contributes positively to personal and collective growth. Let's celebrate achievements mindfully, appreciating the journey as much as the destination.

Thank you for recommending this blog topic! Your input is highly appreciated. We have covered several key points above, each of which constitutes a substantial topic on its own (examples include emotional intelligence, continuous improvement, etc.). If you wish to delve deeper or discuss these topics further, feel free to contact us anytime.


As we wrap up, we welcome your feedback. Stay tuned for additional insights and thank you for being an integral part of our community.

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This blog stands out and caught my attention because :

Everyone always speaks about award giving rules, but this blog mentions the mindfulness of award taking/receiving and thats the quality of being fare. I found lot of take away points in this blog. Keep writing and inspiring. Thanks!😍

Jan 11
Replying to

Thank you for your kind words! We’re so happy that you found value in this blog, especially its focus on the mindfulness of award receiving. Your encouragement means a lot🙌


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Very insightful and informative content. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. This blog cleared my dilemma about 2 sides of award giving. Well presented. Thanks again.

Jan 11
Replying to

We appreciate your kind words and glad the blog provided clarity on the two sides of award giving.

Let us thank you for suggesting such an important topic.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and share your feedback—it means a lot🤞🙌


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